How to make money on microloans to an ordinary Ukrainian?

Simple Invest is a company offering depositors the right to claim loans. In the service you can invest the required amount and get a total of 23% per annum. Microfinance services give out money at high interest rates, but they do not have working capital for promotion, so the company gives out claims on loans issued. Thus, the investor receives 23% of the income from his contribution.


How to place a deposit in Simple Invest?

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The client can make from 1,000 to 100,000 dollars, and the user can open several deposits, making a profit from all stably. To place a contribution, you need to go through several stages:

  1. Choose a convenient amount for the deposit, fill out the form, indicating contact information and conclude an agreement with Simple Invest;
  2. Transfer funds from a personal bank card through a terminal, Internet banking or bank cash desk;
  3. When the money is transferred, Simple Invest acquires the rights of claim on the portfolio of MFIs for the amount for which the contribution was made. While the deposit will be valid, the company will collect payments for loans;
  4. Withdraw profits to a card or bank account with an income of 23% per annum.

Do not worry about borrowers who can’t pay the loan, the company carefully selects all the clients, in addition, micro loans are taken for a period of 1 month, which means that everyone can pay them without difficulty. Thanks to this method of deposit, a person will receive passive income, which will be more than when depositing in a bank.


How to withdraw income in the service?

How to withdraw income in the service?

The deposit can be placed both for a month and for a longer period of time and renew it, it all depends on the client’s desire. You can withdraw funds both to the card and to the bank account of any bank of your choice:

  • Transfer by details to your online banking;
  • From the card of any bank;
  • By cash at the bank cash desk.

Interest will be accrued at the end of the term, the user has the opportunity to withdraw funds before the end of the term, but to remain without interest charges. The commission for withdrawing funds will depend on the bank through which the transfer takes place, Simple Invest does not charge a commission from users. Some banks take only 0.5% of the transfer amount, others up to 1%.

Since income on loans is taxed, users need to know that the tax will be charged only on the amount of income and does not apply to the contribution. Simple Invest is a tax agent that pays taxes for the depositor, so you should not worry.

Simple Invest company makes it possible for an ordinary Ukrainian to be able to receive passive income with a profit greater than that of banks. Since the country is in an unstable situation, anyone who cares about financial stability can invest any convenient amount and make a profit without doing anything, even without visiting the company’s office.

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